Preparation for Assistant Professor Interview

About the Course

The interview Course for Assistant Professor is designed for the Subject of English Literature only. The entire course consists of 15 PDFs that will contain relevant information regarding interview skills and modal questions. There will be five mock interviews in one-to-one mode on the Google Meet platform. You will be provided with video recordings of each interview so that you can evaluate yourself and modify your performance.

Current Mock Interview Courses in Progress

Himachal Assistant Professor

Bihar Public Service Commission

Delhi University

Uttarakhand PSC

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About the Course

About Our Interviewer

The interview Course is hosted by Dr. Prem Shankar Pandey who is currently an Assistant Professor of English Literature. He possess an extensive experience of hosting more than 500 interviews in various commission panels. He is NTA-NET, GATE, SET (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh) qualified. He possesses stupendous experience in the area of research having specialization in American literature and Interdisciplinary studies.

Hall of Fame of All Qualified Candidates Under the Guidance of The Pearl Education

Dr. Ranjana Agarwal

RPSC, Rank-13

Ms. Sunita Mohata

RPSC, Rank-36

Afroz Naaz, UPHESC, Adv 50

Anindita Bose
UPHESC, Adv.50

Arju Mishra
UPHESC, Adv 50

Dr. Amresh Babu Yadav

UPHESC, Adv 50

Mahima Thakur

UPHESC, Adv 50

Priya Sharma

UPHESC, Adv 50

Rashmi Verma

UPHESC, Adv 50

Shanta Surejya

UPHESC, Adv 50
GDC 2022

Surbhi Satyabha

UPHESC, Adv 50

Sandhya Patel

UPHESC, Adv 50

Manju Bishnoi RPSC, Rank -11

Dulari Chawla

UPHESC, Adv. 50

Harshita Mishra

UPHESC, Adv 50

Ruchi Singhal

UPHESC, Adv 50

Seema Yadav

UPHESC, Adv 50

Ms. Mahima Singh
HPSC, Assistant Professor 2023

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