Online Full Course for Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (English Literature)

Salient Features of the Course

  • Online live video classes everyday (except Sunday)
  • Attend classes sitting at your home
  • Complete coverage of Prescribed syllabus in 5 months
  • You will be getting recording of every class so as to revise in your own convenient time
  • If anyhow you miss the class you can watch the Video of that class.
  • Readable PDF of every class in your registered mail for reading (Readable File)
  • Clarification of doubt anytime
  • One-to-one preening so as to bring weak students to right platform
  • Class time: 07:00-08:30 PM on Google Meet
  • One year access to the videos and PDFs post completion of the course
  • Online progressive Assessment Tests through Mock Tests
  • Continuous Progressive Assessment Test, every fortnightly
  • Total 10 mock tests on the entire syllabus, post-completion of the Course
  • Learning through activities like Quizzes and Discussion

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For Free Demo Class Please Contact on WhatsApp to CEO and Founder Dr. Prem Shankar Pandey
Mob: 9370846525

Classes are Hosted by

Dr. Prem Shankar Pandey

Assistant Professor of English and Editor

Life Skill Trainer



International Best Sellers’ Author of Books, “World Literature in Your Fist: An Assortment of English Literature”,  “Literary Theories and Criticism on Your Lips” and “Prepare Like a Shooter, Reply Like a Hooter”

One Time Fees for the Complete Course

Rs 8995/- 

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Fees in Five Installments

Rs. 1995/-

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